Python Rainflow Fatigue


The scripts on this page require the utility modules

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A script for the ASTM E 1049-85 (2005) Rainflow Counting Method is given at

A GUI version using Tkinter is given at:

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Dirlik Method

A number of methods have been derived for performing rainflow cycle counting for a response PSD. The Dirlik method is an example of a semi-empirical method for cycle identification. A script for performing this method is given at:

The following script calculates the response of a single-degree-of-freedom system to an acceleration PSD base input, with an option for Dirlik rainflow cycle counting:

This script calculates the Dirlik Fatigue Damage Spectra for an acceleration PSD base input:

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Matlab Script

A Matlab script is posted at the Vibrationdata Blog: Matlab Mex

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Fatigue Damage Spectra from Time History

A script for fatigue damage spectra is given at:

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See also:

Rainflow Cycle Blog Entry

Miner’s Cumulative Fatigue via Rainflow Cycle Counting

Dirlik Blog Entry

Fatigue Damage Spectra

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– Tom Irvine

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