Python Signal Analysis Package GUI

Here is a signal analysis package GUI written using Tkinter:

It is compatible with Python versions 2.7 to 3.3, and hopefully future 3.x versions. is the main script.

The remaining scripts are supporting functions.

These scripts demonstrate the use of multiple windows.

* * *

The following signal analysis functions are currently available:

Trend Removal & Scaling
Butterworth Filter
Bessel Filter
Fourier Transform
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Waterfall FFT
Power Spectral Density (PSD)
SDOF Response to Base Input
Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
Rainflow Cycle Counting
Differentiate Time History
Integrate Time History
Cepstrum & Auto Cepstrum
Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

The following PSD functions are also available:

Overall GRMS
SDOF Response to Base Input PSD
Vibration Response Spectrum (VRS)

The following miscellaneous functions are also available:

Sine Amplitude Conversion
SDOF Response: Peak Sigma for Random Base Input
SDOF Response to Classical Pulse Base Input

More will be added in future revisions…

* * *

– Tom Irvine

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