Mixed Fortran & Python


The scripts on this page require the utility module tompy.py

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f2py is a Fortran to Python interface generator.

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Sample Project

The following project was performed on Ubuntu.

Here is a project that solves the generalized eigenvalue problem.

The mass & stiffness matrices are read in by a Python script.

The Python script then passes the arrays to a Fortran program for the number-crunching.

The Fortran program then returns the eigenvalues & vectors to the Python script.

The project includes an option for the standard eigenvalue problem.

Note that this project requires Lapack.

Also the python-dev header & static library must be installed.

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Source Code

Here are the two Fortran scripts and their compilation commands:  eigen_general.f

f2py -c -m eigen_general eigen_general.f –fcompiler=gnu95 -llapack

f2py -c -m eigen_general eigen_general.f –fcompiler=gnu95 -llapack
Here is the Python script:


python eigenvalues.py -i

Note that the Python script imports the Fortran subrountines via:

import eigen_standard import eigen_general
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Generalized Eigenvalue Problem

Vibrationdata Blog Entry – Instructions for the generalized eigenvalue problem including Lapack installation.

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– Tom Irvine

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